really do matter, and we really do care!

Have you just received a parcel and wondering why we would do this?

Honestly, the truth is we care! We notice YOU and we really do care about YOU!

Still confused?

That's ok. We live in a world where nothing is free right? Everything has a spin, everyone has an angle, everyone wants to make profit.

Well not us! As a church we don't get paid to do this, no one is salaried to do this, no government grants fund this, we have no sponsor behind us. We are just a group of people called a church that donate items to help people who are in need of some short-term food relief. 

You won't get asked why you need it, it's your free gift. 

So, whether you just received your box and scanned the card and ended up here or you are in need of food relief, it's been so good to meet you. You are always welcome to join us on a Sunday to discover real hope! 


James & Nicky

(On behalf of Father's House Church)


Mom's & Tots group